7 Ways to Increase Fertility and Pregnancy Opportunities After Miscarriage

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Having just had a miscarriage, then did you plan to get pregnant again? There are several things that need to be understood so that fertility health is maintained.

As quoted from Parenting First Cry, it is very important to know whether Mama can plan for an early pregnancy after a miscarriage.

Miscarriages, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, are quite common. It was observed that about 15 percent of pregnant women experience miscarriages due to various reasons.

Regarding the safe time lag for getting pregnant after a miscarriage, it all depends on the doctor’s examination and decision.

If the doctor gives the go-ahead for Mama to get pregnant again, then that means there’s no problem. However, about whether pregnant women need to wait up to 3 months after a miscarriage to be able to get pregnant again.

Aside from health issues, another important thing to prepare by Mama is mental and emotional preparedness.

Miscarriage after pregnancy reaches 20 weeks or more sometimes also makes your body lack important vitamins like folate.

If so, getting pregnant again in the near future may not be recommended. Consult with your doctor first, Ma.

If everything is in line and Mama already wants to get pregnant again, Lifefeats.com has summarized information about several ways you can do to increase fertility after miscarriage:

1. Exercise regularly and stay physically active


So that the balance of hormones in the body remains under control after the recovery period, do not forget to keep exercising regularly, Ma. Adjust the type of exercise chosen with the condition of your body.

No need to do heavy exercise or in frequency that is too often. Simply do light exercise in a short time, at least 10-15 minutes per day.

For example, such as walking, jogging, swimming or cycling. Most important, Mama’s body is still moving and not just sitting at home.

If it’s not possible for you to exercise, just change some of your daily habits.

For example, with more walking or choose to go up and downstairs.

2. Stop smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages


The content of hazardous chemicals in cigarettes and alcoholic drinks can damage the reproductive organs as well you know, Ma. Including for women.

Thus, to help nourish fertility and increase the chances of pregnancy, these unhealthy habits should also be avoided.

Especially if before pregnancy Mama does already have these habits. It feels difficult, but you should still try to help increase the chances of pregnancy.

3. Regulate caffeine consumption


Excessive consumption of caffeine, including from coffee, can also affect pregnancy opportunities. In this case, it disrupts the hormonal balance and reduces the chances of getting pregnant.

Coffee is usually chosen as a complimentary drink when Mama is having to stay up. The combination of excessive caffeine consumption and lack of sleep can make the pregnancy program even more hampered.

Not only that, the recovery process after a miscarriage can be even slower.

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A balanced nutritious diet not only helps to meet Mama’s daily nutritional needs but also accelerates the recovery process and makes fertility healthy.

Increase consumption of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit, as well as other sources of nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and iron to help increase the chances of pregnancy.

5. Routine consultation with an obstetrician


Some women experience deep trauma to return to the hospital or to the obstetrician after a miscarriage. This makes consulting sessions often become irregular.

For the sake of pregnancy health and a more controlled pregnancy program, you should not avoid consulting sessions with your doctor, Ma. Discuss with your doctor about all the options that can be made for fertility treatment after a miscarriage.

With routine control, the doctor can provide the best treatment and treatment according to Mama’s condition. For example by prescribing drugs or other fertility therapies.

6. Massage the stomach regularly


Especially if you often experience bleeding after a miscarriage, a regular massage in the abdominal area can help stop bleeding and can increase fertility to get pregnant again.

But of course, all must also be adjusted to the condition of your body. If it feels painful or not possible to do a massage, you should avoid it first yes. If necessary, first consult with your doctor whether you can do a massage in the stomach area or not.

7. Avoid stress


Stress, fatigue, and excessive anxiety can tire the body, both physically and emotionally. Going straight back into the pregnancy program without a break in time might not be a good idea for the body, Ma.

Do some fun activities, give Mama’s psychic time to be fully recovered. For example, by going on vacation or doing a hobby that Mama likes.

In addition, stress can also affect the balance of hormones in your body. Including hormones related to fertility and the reproductive system.

Well, are you ready for your pregnancy program again, Ma?


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