What are the Symptoms and Signs of Prostate Cancer in Men?

One cancer that is quite dangerous and often affects men is prostate cancer. This cancer develops in the prostate organ, which is located close to the bladder. This organ is usually affected by male sexual activity and also infections that occur in the urinary tract.

Deadly cancer that is often overlooked

As a man gets older, the bladder will experience significant changes. This change causes the male organ to swell, become inflamed, and overgrown by cancer.

Oh yes, prostate cancer experienced by men is often known when it is severe. This happens because prostate cancer often does not provide enough visible symptoms. Finally, men assume that symptoms are common until cancer grows massively.

Actually, this prostate cancer problem can be prevented from the beginning as long as men want to check their health regularly. At least once a year, they have to do regular checks. If routine health checks cannot be done, we will not know what is happening in the body, including the prostate.

Moreover, prostate cancer is a silent killer that is often ignored by men. If this condition remains unchecked, it is not impossible that the condition of the cancer is known if it is severe and has spread everywhere. If it’s at this stage, cancer will be difficult to cure.

Signs of Prostate Cancer

As explained earlier, prostate cancer has no symptoms that are fairly severe and suspicious. However, these mild symptoms are actually worse for men because they are often cheated. Here are some of the symptoms of prostate cancer that we should be aware of.

  • Frequent urination is not normal, including waking up at night because it is not strong enough to hold pain in the bladder. If this condition occurs many times, you should immediately see a doctor. In addition to prostate disorders, men may experience problems with their bladder.
  • Men with this condition often have difficulty holding urine. When the bladder is full, they will feel great pain, so rush to the bathroom. In short, if you experience frequent hangouts, it means that there are problems that occur in the body.
  • There is blood in the urine. Unfortunately, the blood in the urine is sometimes obscured by the original color of the urine, which is rather yellowish. If there is a reddish blood clot or water, it will be clearly visible. Blood is sometimes not clearly seen in the urine and laboratory workers to check it.
  • Men with prostate cancer often experience pain when urinating. This also continues when men get ejaculated. Usually, ejaculation also feels painful. If men often experience lethal ejaculation, they will be lazy to have sex or even experience trauma.
  • Difficult to maintain an erection to the maximum. Men may be able to get an erection, but in a few minutes, the penis will weaken again. This condition will cause sex life in men has decreased significantly.
  • Urine bursts from the penis are rather weak. If you find bursts of urine coming out of the penis weakening even though the volume in the bladder is full, check it out immediately, moreover the event often appears.

If prostate cancer starts to become severe and spread to many places, the following symptoms may also appear.

  • This pain usually comes many times or continues to survive and hard to disappear. The pain will disrupt daily activities so that productivity decreases.
  • There are cracks or injuries to the bone.
  • Legs will go limp for walking or standing. I was so weak that men would tremble a little if they stand too long or lift objects too heavy. Men with this condition are generally difficult to work with heavy and also unable to lift weights perfectly.
  • Urinary incontinence is quite severe. Urinary incontinence is the inability of men to control urine so that they often wet themselves.

Causes of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer that occurs in men occurs because of the body’s mechanism or because of the presence of free radicals. Generally, the prostate will produce fluid or protein that forms sperm to move. Unfortunately, in certain conditions, this excessive protein can trigger cancer.

Some studies say that this cancer condition can be reduced by 20% if men often ejaculate. Having sex or masturbating is considered able to reduce the risk of cancer. Habits of men who like to smoke can also trigger cancer. Finally, if there is a family history of cancer, the chances of developing it are quite high.

Effects of Prostate Cancer on Male Fertility

Prostate cancer can actually be overcome easily as long as it hasn’t reached the metastatic phase. If it’s already at that stage, it’s likely that cancer will spread to the bones and irritate other organs, including irritating sperm.

When the prostate must be removed so that it does not spread everywhere, the chances of a man carrying out fertilization will decrease. Therefore some doctors recommend that men store some sperm in a sperm bank for fertilization later.

If you do not want to experience prostate problems, it is better to maintain health more often. Apart from cancer, the prostate can also experience other disorders such as swelling and infection.

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