Second Week Of Pregnancy


This is what happens to the mother’s womb.

How is the Development of Fetus Second Week of Pregnancy?

The second week is the core process of pregnancy. Your body begins to be ready for entering the stage of seeding. After the first week, you have passed the menstrual period, then in the second week, there will be an egg process to meet with sperm.

Enough with the help of 1 sperm of about 250 million in an average ejaculation to fertilize an egg. After that, the lining of the uterus will thicken. The positive results of pregnancy begin here.

From the first week, estrogen and progesterone encourage the uterus to form layers of tissue that contain lots of blood. After that ovulation occurs.

One of your eggs has broken from the follicle and then swept into the fallopian tube. If there is sperm mixed in the fallopian tube then this is the beginning of pregnancy.

Communicate with your partner to prepare. This process requires good cooperation between you and your partner. The hatchery process is very decisive, do it with conditions that are pleasant for you and your partner.

If you really really want to have a baby soon, surely you are ready to face pregnancy. This time will surely be a week of hope and anxiety.

How Does Second Week of Pregnancy Change Mama’s Life?

There are 46 chromosomes that build genetic material in a person’s body. Of the total, there are 2 chromosomes that determine the sex of your baby. This is called the sex chromosome. One of the chromosomes comes from the sperm and the other one comes from the egg. The egg has only 1 chromosome called the X chromosome, and sperm has 2 chromosomes, namely the Y chromosome and the X chromosome.

If your prospective baby is fertilized with an XY chromosome, you will get a baby boy. If a prospective baby is fertilized with the XX chromosome, then your prospective baby will have a female baby.

Sperm released during intercourse will swim towards your egg. One of the sperm that made it through the hatching phase will produce results. If you pass this stage well, then this phase will change your life and you will soon become a mama.

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Generally, a woman is not aware of her pregnancy in the second week. They will realize it after the fourth week. But if you are ready to have a baby, it is very important to maintain pregnancy in the second week.

For couples who have had intercourse after the fertile period, can check the pregnancy after a gap of 1 week from the time of intercourse. Do a pregnancy test to find out if you are positive or negative. Immediately consult with your obstetrician.

What to do during the second week of pregnancy?

You have to save folic acid in your body. You also need pregnancy planning milk, because it contains a lot of folic acids and other nutrients needed for the second week of pregnancy. Expand the consumption of foods rich in nutrients, ranging from vegetables, fruits, vegetable, and animal protein.


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