6 Tips to Reshape a Stomach Sixpack Abs That Was Lost

sixpack stomach is everyone’s dream. Not only men, but many women also want to have a sixpack stomach. If you used to have a sixpack stomach and want to get it back, consider how to restore the following sixpack stomach.

Tips to restore a sixpack stomach

If you have time to stop exercising for a long time, making a sixpack back stomach can be a challenge.

Reporting from several sources, here are some tips you can do to restore the sixpack stomach like it used to

1. Start slowly from the start

The very first tip to make a sixpack back stomach is not to be too sporty. 

In other words, don’t continue with the regime (pattern) of exercise that you did routinely last time. Start from the beginning as when you first started exercising.

Starting from the beginning may seem slow, but, this way your body will slowly get used to it.

2. Reduce the total load

Start by reducing 10 percent of the total weight you use for weight lifting. median rest after two sets.

For example, if you used to weigh 12 kilograms for 4 sets, now try first at 10 kilograms. If it still feels too heavy for you, reduce the burden to two or three sets in the first week.

3. Record your exercise patterns

You should note your exercise plan, or if you are lazy you can type it on your smartphone.

By making good training plans and scheduling, you come to know what you will have to do next at the gym and so you will not forget the extent of your development.

Not only that. Making plans can also make your exercise sessions more efficient and organized.

The reason is, the more specific the body’s tolerance for increasing weight, sets, up to your weekly goal, the faster the effort to restore your sixpack stomach.

4. Go back to your diet

Tips to restore the next six-pack stomach is to maintain diet. Yes, in addition to regular exercise at the gym, maintaining a diet is also important.

As reported from the MensHealth page, here are tips for maintaining a healthy diet so that the stomach returns to sixpack quickly :

  • Avoid eating processed foods.
  • Try eating six small meals a day every three hours
  • Make sure your dinner plate contains high protein foods such as eggs, fish, chicken and / or lean beef.
  • Replace your snacks with nuts, avocados, and the like that are high in healthy fats.
  • For breakfast, eat foods that contain carbohydrates such as oatmeal (oatmeal) or bread with fruit
  • For lunch, choices of foods high in complex carbohydrates (difficult to digest) such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, or brown rice
  • For dinner, try eating vegetables but avoid eating foods that contain carbohydrates.
  • Drink lots of white water.
  • Every 10 days you can take a holiday to celebrate a cheat day. In other words, you may be free to eat whatever you want, but only for one particular day.
  • After you exercise in the gym, eat 40-50 grams of carbohydrates and 20-30 grams of protein to stabilize hormones, regenerate body tissue, and keep blood sugar stable.

5. Don’t crunch too long

Reporting from the Bodybuilding page, do not practice crunches too long. Crunch and situp exercises are not very effective for burning fat. We recommend that you replace it with the type of exercise that is more effective and burns fat and builds muscle, such as pushups, pullups, barbell squats, etc.

6. Good and correct cardio exercises

The last effective tip for returning a sixpack stomach is cardio training. Cardio will be very good if combined with abdominal exercises.

You are advised to do cardio training for a long time, which starts from slow to moderate speed. For example, you can do 30 seconds of sprints with maximum speed, then continue with 20 crunches and repeat 5-8 times.


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