List Of Baby Names That Have Genius Meaning


Come on, Ma, give a cute name to your little one but still have a positive meaning for him

Mama would be familiar with a phrase stating that “The name is a prayer beloved parents to the baby.” That’s why, when Little finally born into this world, Mama advised to carefully in giving a name that has a positive meaning.

No exception, a name that prayed for Little to grow into a genius figure could be an option. That’s why, below, we provide a list of baby names that have the same type of meaning as reported by the babygaga page.

Let’s take a peek!

1. Albert


Above all, the name Albert, in fact, became a name that was believed to have a genius meaning by many people. The reason is, this name is accidentally owned by renowned scientists including Albert Einstein who is one of the honorable noblemen.

With this name, your beloved baby Mama would not rule out the possibility of growing into a figure that is not much different from Albert Einstein. Genius and intellectual strength that made him do spectacular things. What a good prayer, right?

2. Fahima


For Mama’s daughter, the meaning of genius can be represented through an Arabic nuance name, Fahima. This name is known to have a deep meaning to, “a woman who is strong in intelligence and knowledge.”

Of course, with a very memorable meaning for your beloved Little One and her personality as a woman, Mama can expect anything positive in a name that is realized through the impressive name Fahima.

3. Tallis


Still, in the same area, there is an Arabic name with a positive genius meaning where the name is reflected in the Iranian language, Tallis. This name sounds very unique but has an extraordinary meaning of “wisdom” .

Of course, this meaning can be used as a prayer for mama’s children to grow and develop into a figure who is not only a genius in knowledge but also wise in deciding things and other related matters. This is very important, right?

Editors’ Picks

4. Dara


The name Dara is indeed found everywhere. Even a Kpop idol singer from the country of South Korea named Sandara Park chose to be called Dara. How not, the name actually means positive, namely, “Pearls of wisdom.”

In other words, the name Dara becomes a prayer that does not merely expect the Little to grow with wisdom but emphasizes the positive aspects as valuable things from his personality. Mama will certainly be proud to see Little One grow!

5. Mackenzie


A unique name, Mackenzie, in fact, does not merely stand with a series of letters that make it sound cool. The reason is, this name has an impressive meaning of genius namely, “son of the ruler of wisdom.”

That means the prayer reflected in the name is not only focused on wisdom but a positive authority for Mama’s son in highlighting his genius side that has a positive influence on others.

6. Solomon


In the history written in the Book of Muslims, Christians, and Jews, there is a King named Solomon who is seen as a figure of the genius and wise. This is what later became the choice of many parents from year to year to give Little the name.

The reason, Solomon’s name also suggests a positive meaning, namely, “wisdom and peace.” Surely, Mama said the best prayer so that the genius of the Little One can later be used wisely to produce peace in the environment.

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7. Cato


Finally, a name that comes from Latin, Cato.

This unique, concise, simple name has the meaning of genius, which is “understanding everything.” Of course, this is one of the characteristics of a genius child.

This was proven by a statesman in Rome named Marcus Proteus who was named Cato the Elder as a tribute to his wisdom and intelligence. 

On that basis, Mama can give the same award to Little One through the name Cato.

Now, you don’t need to be confused anymore, do you? List of baby names that have the meaning of genius above can be used as a choice for you to give the first gift for your baby at birth.


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