Fertility Tests for Men: How to Check Fertility in Men

How to Check Fertility in Men

Many people think that fertility problems are only for women though fertility from husband and wife need to be equally considered because it can increase the chances of pregnancy.

Calculating the fertile period of men is certainly different from the fertile period of women. How to calculate a man’s fertile period can be measured through sperm, such as quantity, quality, structure to sperm movement. In addition, several other factors, such as hormones also affect fertility. If all this is fulfilled, a husband can be said to be fertile, and his sperm can play a role in fertilising an egg.

The fertile period of a man can be determined; it’s just not as routine as a woman who can be seen every month. Time can determine a man’s fertile period. Male fertility can increase in the morning or when winter arrives. 

This time can affect sperm quality. The higher the room temperature, the greater the risk of sperm being released. 

For Mama, who still wants to know more information about indications as a way to calculate the husband’s fertile period.

This time we summarised some indications that can determine a man’s fertility.

1. Sperm quantity 

Be aware, the number or quantity of sperm is very influential on male fertility. Poor sperm quantity is not uncommonly influenced by unhealthy lifestyles.

Unhealthy lifestyles, eating foods that are not nutritious, lack of exercise until insufficient hours of sleep can trigger sperm quantity. 

Ideally, sperm released at the time of ejaculation is reaching 15 million sperm egg cells per millilitre.

If the quantity of sperm produced is less than the amount it should, it is very influential on the success of fertilising an egg. 

Quantity of sperm that are less like this certainly can reduce fertilisation in the egg.

Therefore, try always to maintain the quantity of sperm properly so that the couple can get pregnant quickly. 

2. Sperm quality

The quality of sperm physically determines the chances of pregnancy. Keep in mind, normally the sperm released is at least two ccs to 5 ccs while being ejaculated. Told as indicated lacking, it is necessary to consult with a doctor. 

The consistency of sperm viscosity must also be considered. If it is too runny like water, it is necessary to carry out an inspection.

Sperm testing needs to be done to determine male fertility. Moreover, one of the successes of pregnancy can not be separated from the role of sperm.

If there is even one sperm abnormality or sperm quality is said to be not good, then this will determine the level of opportunity in having offspring.

3. Movement of sperm

Sperm movement or motility is the ability of sperm to move efficiently in a partner’s body and be able to fertilise an egg.  

Sperm that are considered normal and agile movement is when 40 per cent of the total sperm can move freely so that it can cross the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes. At least 32 per cent are able to move forward or be in a big circle.

If the sperm movement is fulfilled, it can increase success to get pregnant faster. However, please also note that sperm movement consists of two types, including: 

  • Progressive sperm movement is sperm capable of moving to most straight lines or a large circle. 
  • Non-progressive sperm movement is when sperm that cannot swim is progressive. In other words, sperm will not swim freely and only be in a limited circle. 

These sperm movements can be seen when consulting or analysing a doctor. When carrying out examination tests, sperm quality will be further investigated for health in the laboratory.

4. Sperm structure

Sperm structure is one way of calculating male fertility. The condition of this sperm structure can be analysed through a microscope so that the sperm head can be clearly identified. 

Normally, the shape or structure of sperm consists of an oval-shaped head that is 4.0-5.5 mm long and 2.5-3.5 mm wide and has a long tail about 9-10 times the length of the head. 

Men are said to be fertile when they already have more than 50 per cent of sperm with a normal form. Normal structure of good sperm can help increase the chances of fertilization, aka faster pregnancy.

5. Testosterone hormone

The testosterone hormone becomes one of the hormones that is closely related to a man’s fertility. In addition to other hormones, enough testosterone is needed in the process of sperm formation. 

If the testosterone is low or too much, the process of sperm formation can be disrupted and cause many problems infertility.

To deal with fertility disorders that occur in this man, you should take several steps, including: 

  • Perform physical examinations such as genital organs which include the testicles and penis. 
  • Perform sperm examination. 
  • Perform hormone tests like LH, FSH and testosterone if needed.  

Many studies say that male fertility will increase in the morning until it reaches 88 million. This is because sperm production will be more than at night which only produces 87 million sperm. Even so, the comparison is not too significant in influencing the fertilization process.

Calculating male fertility can be done with several factors above. Hopefully, this information from lifefeats.com about sperm can help!


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