Married Couples Must Recognize These Characteristics of Infertile Women


Do not get the wrong guess, pay attention to its characteristics

Infertility or what is often called infertility is a failure for married couples to have offspring after trying for one year even more intimate relationships.

This includes things that are feared by all women, even couples who want to have children are also afraid. But sometimes men can also experience it. Therefore, you must recognize the following characteristics of infertile women.

Following this, has summarized the characteristics of infertile women who are easily identified based on quotes from the Healthline page. com and various other sources.

1. Menstrual cycles are not smooth or even stopped


Uneasy menstrual cycles can actually be a strong sign of infertility in a woman. Generally, menstrual arousal arises because of problems in ovulation.

If the menstrual cycle is too short (less than 21 days) or vice versa too long (more than 35 days), you should immediately consult.

In addition, never having (or stopping) menstruation can certainly be the characteristics of infertile women and it will be difficult to get pregnant because ovulation does not occur in her body.

2. Heavy menstruation


Severe menstruation is a sign of an imbalanced hormone. Can be caused by stress, anxiety, worry, and other cognitive problems. Excess blood during menstruation also has the potential to cause infertility. Severe menstruation is also called menorrhagia, when experiencing this a woman will bleed a lot.

3. Bodyweight rises quickly


Women who suddenly experience excessive weight gain can occur due to PCOS. This is what makes very high androgen levels. Then insulin production becomes higher.

This hormonal instability is very severe for the body which makes the female body have a much heavier metabolism. This is what makes the body fat faster than others.

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4. Menstruation is very sick


The pain that is felt when a woman in her menstrual period cannot be clearly stated whether it is characteristic of infertile women or other things.

This problem is actually perfectly natural, often experienced by some women. But it’s good if the pain continues immediately checked with a doctor.

5. Experiencing Endometriosis


Cramps during menstruation do not always indicate that a woman is infertile.

But if you experience some signs that feel heartbreaking as follows:

  • Menstrual cramps are quite severe,
  • in pain when having sex,
  • abnormal bleeding,
  • pain in the rectal area until bleeding when urinating,

then it could include symptoms from endometriosis.

Then these symptoms can be one of the reasons why a woman experiences infertility or difficulty having children.

6. Lots of hair on the body


Usually, women who have less hair when compared to men. But when androgen production in the body is very high, then even a woman can have more fine hair.

This type of hair is more commonly found on the upper lip, face, wrists, armpits, chest, and stomach. If these symptoms are found, then the androgens in the body can be very high and must be treated immediately.

So you have to know very well whether you experience the characteristics of infertile women or just symptoms that are still said to be normal. If you are still confused, you can contact your doctor for consultation.


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