7 Categories for Choosing Popular Baby Names in 2020


What names are expected to be widely used next year, huh?

Choosing a name for a baby might look easy, but in fact, it is often difficult too you know, Ma.

The name will be the child’s identity for the rest of his life. Therefore, when choosing any name various factors must be carefully considered.

To make it easier for Mama, the following lifefeats.com provides information on choices of popular names in 2019.

These names are inspired by many things. Starting from the name of the city, the name of a cartoon character, to other unique names.

1. The name is inspired by a television serial character


The television drama series is currently on the rise again. Starting from family drama, fantasy drama to action drama.

Various choices of names of characters in it also become popular over time.

One of the drama choices you can cheat on is the name of the character ‘Game of Thrones’. ‘The Bodyguard’ drama can also be snooped on by the names of the characters, Ma.

Here are the names of the television series characters:

  • Aria / Arya (from ‘Game of Thrones’)
  • Julia (from ‘The Bodyguard’)
  • David (from ‘The Bodyguard’)
  • Eve (from ‘Killing Eve’)

2. The name of the singer and actor


Public figures can often also be an inspiration for Mama and Papa to choose the name of the Little One. Especially if Mama or Papa idolizes the figure.

It is estimated that the name of singer Ariana Grande and actress Mila Kunis will be a popular source of inspiration in 2019, Ma. Yes, you can choose the name Ariana or Mila.

In addition, there are other popular names that are also inspired by the names of singers and actors:

  • Liam
  • Luna
  • Noah
  • Logan
  • Felix

3. The names of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


The British Royal couple is expected to be able to embrace their baby in 2019.

The name that will later be used for their baby is also believed to be popular. Just like the names that have been used previously by the children of Prince William and Kate Middleton such as George, Charlotte, and Louis, which are also popular.

There are several classic names that are expected to be used by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. These names might inspire Mama and Papa too:

  • Henry
  • Eleanor
  • Alice

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4. Names inspired by popular cities


For Papa and Mama who like to travel around the city or the world, popular country or city names can also be a source of inspiration.

In addition to being unique and rarely used, these names might also be an inspiration for family tourism destination choices when the Little One is born, Ma.

Some unique names that are inspired by the name of the country or city that can be chosen by Mama and Papa:

  • Dallas
  • Paris
  • Savvanah
  • Chelsea
  • Helena
  • Dakota

5. The name of the cartoon character


Children are identical to the cartoon series. Well, the choice of names of cartoon characters can be an inspiration for Papa and Mama to choose a name for the Little One.

These names are unique and are also expected to be popular next year, even in the following years too, Ma.

Here is the name of a cartoon character that can inspire Mama:

  • Anna and Elsa (from the film ‘Frozen’)
  • Daria (from the ‘Daria’ series)
  • Angelica (from the ‘Rugrats’ series)
  • Eleanor (from the film ‘Alvin and The Chipmunks)
  • Rafael (from the film ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’)
  • Ben (from the series ‘Ben 10’)
  • Dora and Diego (from the series ‘Dora the Explorer’)

6. The name is inspired by the song lyrics


Besides being pleasant to hear, music also has meaningful lyrics. Well, some names are often inserted in the title and contents of the lyrics.

  • Daniel (from the song ‘Daniel’ by Elton John)
  • Jessie (from the song ‘Dear Jessie’ by Madonna)
  • Quinn (from the song ‘Queen the Eskimo’ by Bob Dylan)
  • Angie (from the song ‘Angie’ by The Rolling Stone)
  • Delilah (from the song ‘Hey There Delilah’ by Plain White T’s)
  • Iris (from the song ‘Iris’ by The Goo Goo Dolls)
  • Ruby (from the song ‘Ruby Tuesday’ by The Rolling Stone)
  • Zoe (from the song ‘Zoe’ by Eminem)

7. A popular name among millennials


Certain names are often only recently popular. Apart from being unique, the choice of name is also considered more modern and ‘up to date’.

What are the popular names today that could be your choice? Here’s the list:

  • Amanda
  • Hannah
  • Kayla
  • Amber
  • Alyssa
  • Brianna
  • Kyle
  • Aurora
  • Levi

What name would you choose for your baby? 


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