Can I Donate Blood While Pregnancy?


Many people regularly donate blood for humanitarian reasons. Blood donation is indeed a noble deed. By donating blood, we open up opportunities for others to survive.

Not only that, donating blood also provides many benefits for our own health. It helps reduce weight, reduce cholesterol, thus reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Not only is it beneficial for the physical, people who regularly donate blood are proven to be happier and have a longer life.

But Ma, if you are one of those who routinely donate blood, maybe you should take a break from this routine during pregnancy.

Because the blood donor during pregnancy is not recommended because he has a variety of risks, both for Mama and the fetus she is carrying.

To better understand the risk of blood donations during pregnancy, consider the following facts!

1. Mama needs a lot of blood during pregnancy


Entering pregnancy, your body will experience many changes, including the volume of blood in your body. At least, your blood volume will increase to 60% of normal blood volume.

However, this does not mean you can be freer to donate your blood. Because the increase in volume is the body’s way of adjusting to new needs.

Blood in pregnant women is needed to deliver food saris and oxygen to the fetus. Lack of blood volume will certainly hamper this process. As a result, fetal growth and development become disrupted.

2. Blood donors during pregnancy increase the risk of anemia


Without blood donation, pregnant women have a high risk of anemia because of low levels of iron in the body. Automatic, blood donation will only increase the risk.

When doing the blood test process alone, pregnant women will lose 204-299 mg or 9-13 percent of iron reserves because it releases 250-350 cc of blood.

Therefore, blood donation during pregnancy is not recommended to protect pregnant women from anemia. The reason is, anemia during pregnancy will have a bad impact on pregnant women and their fetuses.

It makes it easier for pregnant women to feel weak and dizzy, increasing the risk of bleeding, preeclampsia, and infection. It will also interfere with fetal growth and development.

To better understand the dangers of anemia during pregnancy, Mama can read 5 Dangers of Anemia in Pregnant Women that Need to Watch Out for.

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3. The impact of blood donation during pregnancy


Blood donation during pregnancy not only increases the risk of anemia. There are many other dangers that you need to be aware of, including:

  • Cause prolonged shock;
  • Increase bleeding;
  • Increases the risk of preterm birth;
  • Increasing infections during labor or after delivery;
  • Increases the risk of miscarriage.

4. What if you already do blood donation?


Seeing the dangers already mentioned, Mama certainly agreed to take a break from the routine blood donor during pregnancy.

However, what if you already donate blood when you haven’t realized that you are pregnant? This case often occurs during early pregnancy. Because at this time the body has not experienced significant changes so that pregnancy is not realized.

Fortunately, this case is nothing to worry about. Especially before making a blood drive, officers have examined Mama to assess whether Mama is eligible to become a donor.

As long as you don’t physically decrease after you donate blood, you will be fine. However, if you are still worried, you can consult a doctor.

5. When can I donate blood again?


The advice not to do blood donation does not only apply during pregnancy, you know, Ma. But also after childbirth and during breastfeeding.

Each country has its own provisions regarding blood donation after giving birth. The United States has only just allowed Mama to donate blood six weeks after giving birth, while in Australia she has to wait for nine months.

In Indonesia alone, Mama had to wait six months after giving birth and was allowed to donate blood again.

This is not without reason. Because, during breastfeeding, Mama needs high iron levels to maintain the health of Mama and the Little One.

Those are some facts about blood donation during pregnancy. In conclusion, blood donation during pregnancy is not recommended for the health of Mama and the fetus you are carrying.

However, pregnancy should not be underestimated. Therefore, prioritize the health of Mama and Little Yes!


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