The 10 Best Face Masks for Every Skin Type

Best Face Masks

Mainly for women, face masks are one of the important instruments used to treat facial health while addressing problems that arise on facial skin. Face masks consist of various types with their respective functions. For proper use, you need to know what types of face masks and what are the following uses!

the best face masks

Using a face mask should be tailored to your needs, whether you want just to treat facial skin health or overcome problems on the skin such as acne. The reason is, each type of face mask has a different function. Also, the face mask used must match the character of facial skin.

The following are the types of facial masks that are good for you to use.

1. Clay Mask

Clay mask or clay mask is the best type of mask to moisturize facial skin. This is because clay is effective for keeping facial skin hydrated. Clay mask also serves to control oil levels so, this mask is suitable for those of you who have oily facial skin.

In addition, the benefits of facial masks from clay are to remove blackheads, remove acne, and clean the dirt that clings to the facial skin.

2. Sheet Mask

The next face mask is a sheet mask. This original face mask from South Korea is a kind of facial mask that is good for all facial skin. That’s also what makes sheet mask the most commonly used face mask.

The benefits of sheet masks are to maintain skin moisture, prevent skin from dehydration, and protect facial skin from damage because this type of mask contains antioxidant vitamin C.

3. Cream Mask

Besides sheet masks, a cream mask, or cream mask is the most commonly used type of face mask.

Cream type of facial mask is suitable for you who have or experience dry facial skin. The content of substances in this type of face mask works effectively to hydrate dry skin. Not only that, but the cream mask also makes facial skin look smooth and supple.

Some face mask creams are also enriched by a number of natural ingredients such as algae skin extracts. This then produces the benefits of a cream mask to tighten facial skin.

4. Gel Mask 

Another best type of face mask is a gel mask.

This gel-shaped facial mask is suitable for you who have dry and sensitive facial skin types. Facial mask gel that quickly absorbs into the skin and then serves to moisturize the facial skin, while providing a cool and refreshing sensation to the facial skin.

The benefits of this gel facial mask can not be separated from the content of antioxidants and collagen. Both of them are indeed substances that are effective for hydrating the skin as well as detoxifying the facial skin.

5. Sleep Mask

This type of face mask for men and women is specially formulated to deal with dehydration of facial skin and even cleanses dust and dirt that adheres to facial skin.

This mask is very suitable for those of you who live in dry areas, or daily activities outside the room so exposed to heat and dirt.

As the name implies, use this mask at night while you sleep. Then pick up the next morning when you wake up. Use regularly and regularly so that the health and hygiene of facial skin are maintained.

6. Charcoal Mask

A face mask made from charcoal ( charcoal mask ) is the best type of face mask for any facial skin, whether it’s dry or oily.

Using a charcoal mask on your face helps to detoxify the poisons on your skin. Use this face mask at night when you sleep, or it could be during the day if you are not active outside the room.

7. Hyperpigmentation Mask

There are also types of facial masks whose function is to overcome hyperpigmentation on facial skin.

Hyperpigmentation on facial skin due to a number of conditions such as acne, skin aging, to sun exposure is characterized by changes in skin color becoming darker.

Interestingly, you can make your face mask to overcome hyperpigmentation ( hyperpigmentation mask ) with natural ingredients instead of going to a doctor who specializes in the skin that can be quite expensive. The natural ingredient for making natural face masks for hyperpigmentation is turmeric.

Yes, turmeric was chosen as a natural ingredient for face masks because turmeric contains a substance that can relieve inflammation (inflammation) as a trigger of hyperpigmentation.

8. Peel-off mask

Peel-off mask – as the name implies – is a type of face mask that works to lift everything in the upper layer of facial skin.

Using a peel-off mask helps to remove dead skin cells, blackheads, and even dust and dirt. Use this mask at night after the move. Or, you can use it here at a time when there is not much outdoor activity.

9. Anti-Wrinkle Mask

Wrinkles are another facial skin problem that is often complained of. However, wrinkles on the face can be prevented and even overcome by routinely using face masks, especially the type of anti-wrinkle face mask.

Anti-wrinkle face masks can be made independently by utilizing natural ingredients such as avocado and cocoa powder. You can process both of them until they are in the form of a paste and then applied to the skin of the face.

Use this type of face mask regularly to prevent or treat facial wrinkles effectively.

10. Exfoliating Mask

The best type of face mask is the last exfoliating mask.

The exfoliating mask is a face mask that contains hydroxy acid and extracts of natural ingredients. This results in the benefits of an exfoliating mask for removing dead skin on the surface of the facial skin while removing dirt and dust that causes clogging of pores.

That’s the type of face masks that you need to know. It may be useful!

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