17 Baby Girl Names Taken from Sanskrit


Unique impression, the choice of names is definitely different from the others!

Are you confused about choosing a name for a girl? There are many language choices that Mama could choose from, one of which is Sanskrit.

Being a historical language that is similar between Latin, Greek, and Indo-European, the names of the Sanskrit languages ​​are rarely used and seem different from others.

In addition, the name of the Little One can have meaning in it because in it there is prayer and hope from Mama and Papa, right?

The following is a summary of the names of baby girls from Sanskrit that Mama could choose from Lifefeats.com:

1. Aretha


Aretha means meaning virtuous and godly. By giving the name Aretha, it is hoped that the Little One can always behave well, be pious and be loved by many people. In addition, Aretha also has a good and polite meaning.

The name Aretha is used by a singer, songwriter, and pianist from the United States, namely Aretha Franklin. One of the songs that popularized his name is ‘A Natural Woman’.

One example of a baby girl name that you can use with the name Aretha is Aretha Dhira Kalyani. This beautiful name means a girl who is smart, patient and has good character.

2. Nabila


Nabila became one of the names of girls from the widely used Sanskrit language. The name Nabila has the meaning of a royal line.

It is hoped that by giving this name, someday as an adult the daughter of Mama can be elegant and not arrogant with others, yes.

There are several celebrities who use the name Nabila, Ma. Among them are Nabila Syakieb and Nabila Putri presenters. As a nickname, you can choose between Nabil or Bila. Equally unique, Ma!

Examples of names with Nabila that you can use, for example, Adistia Nabila. This name has the meaning of a daughter like a royal line who is always full of energy and shines like the sun.

3. Anandita


Anandita’s name is no less popular than the name Nabila. It has a young meaning, it is hoped that by giving this name the Little One will always be vibrant, cheerful and young at heart.

One celebrity who uses this name is the wife of Mario Irwinsyah, namely Queen Anandita. This beautiful celebrity has now settled in hijab and chose to seriously pursue dawa.

There are several examples of combinations of names from Anandita that you can use as an alternative. One of them is like Keisha Anandita Raveena. This unique name means a girl who is always cheerful and beautiful.

4. Vanesha


Vanesha means both pure and clean. Other writings of this name can also be written as Vanisha or Vanessa. Both have the same meaning, Ma.

Who does not know Vanesha Prescilla? This young actress’s name has been increasingly shining since playing the character Milea in the film ‘Dilan 1990’. Before being known as an actress, Vanesha was a model and commercial star.

Examples of combinations of Vanesha names that could be Mama’s choice include Keisha Vanesha. This name means a girl who is chaste and admired by many people.

5. Kanya


Unique, Ma. The Kanya name includes a name that is quite rarely used. Though this name has a meaning that is young girls.

Beautiful artist Dinya Kanyadewi is one of the few celebrities to use this name. It is hoped that by giving the name Kanya, Mama’s child will always be excited and also young at heart.

The combination of the name from Kanya can also be Mama’s choice for the Little One, for example, Kanya Savita Lavanya. This means a beautiful and cheerful daughter, who always illuminates her life like the sun.

6. Malini


The name Malini has a fragrant meaning. By giving this name, it is hoped that one day the Little One can continue to spread the charm of kindness and be loved by those around him, Ma.

One figure known to use the name Malini is a senior actress and producer from India, namely Hema Malini. Known for her grace and beauty, she is an example of the name Malini who has many fans.

You can combine Malini’s name with several other names, one of them like Arsha Malini Ashadiya. This beautiful name has the meaning of a girl who always spreads kindness and calmness.

7. Syafira


Syafira has an honorable and special meaning. This name is also suitable given to Mama’s favorite daughter later. It is hoped that later he can be as graceful and honorable as his name, Ma.

One of the celebrities known to use this name is a young singer named Syafira Maharani. Having a sweet voice, Syafira’s name is now shining, Ma.

If you want to use the name Syafira, one example of a combination that you can use is Syafira Akasha. This name means a special daughter and has broad insight like the sky in the sky.

8. Lakshita


If Mama often watched serials from India, the name Lakshita might have often been heard as the name of one of her female characters, Ma. Yes, in Sanskrit, Lakshita means honorable and famous.

Hopefully someday when Mama uses this name, the Little One will be known as a child who likes to behave well and respectfully.

One combination of names that you can use with the name Lakshita, for example, Arsha Lakshita Atmaja. This name has a good meaning, which is a respectable daughter who always prays to God.

Editors’ Picks

9. Khirani


The name Khirani or Khiran has the meaning of happiness and pleasure. If you want one day, your little one can always be happy and smile, maybe you can start by giving the name Khirani.

Like what Mayangsari did. He gave his daughter’s name by Bambang Trihatmodjo namely Khirani Siti Hartina Trihatmodjo. His nickname is Khirani, Ma. Unique, huh?

In addition to that name, for example, other combinations of names from Khirani such as Nanda Khirani Naratama. This means girls who always bring kindness and light of happiness.

10. Venya


Venya or Vennya has meaning in Sanskrit that is loved. That way, the hope is the Little One will always be loved and loved by the people around him.

One celebrity who uses this name is celebrity Rachel Ven. Having a lot of business, it is also hoped that Mama’s daughter will be good at doing business like Rachel, yes!

The name you can use for Venya, for example, Venya Lakshita. This name means a respectable daughter and will always be loved by those around her.

11. Enzi


Want to have a child with a unique name? Enzy or Enzi can be one of Mama’s main choices, you know. This name has the highest meaning of power. Well, hopefully someday by giving this name Mama’s child will be able to have good authority, yes.

Who does not know the actress and host Enzy Storia? Celebrities who are known to be funny and beautiful began their careers as a model. Bloody in Aceh and Poland, Enzy has a unique personality and has a beautiful personality.

Well, one of the combinations of Enzy’s name that you can choose, including Enzy Ashaputri Trika. This name has the meaning of a parent’s daughter, who always shines like a star and has high honor.

12. Aruna


Aruna’s name has skyrocketed since it was made the name of the main character in the film with the same title ‘Aruna and her tongue’. This figure was played by actress Dian Sastrowardoyo and was booming some time ago.

The name Aruna in Sanskrit means dawn or sunlight. That way, it is hoped that the presence of the Little One can always provide warmth to the family, friends, and people around him, yes.

The combination of Aruna names that you can choose for example Aruna Asha Kamaniya. This name has the meaning of a beautiful girl who always shines and provides hope for everyone.

13. Priyanka


Priyanka began to become one of the names of the Sanskrit language that was favored after Indian actress, Priyanka Chopra, used this name. He later married Nick Jonas, which made this name even more popular among parents.

Priyanka itself in Sanskrit has a meaning that is liked or favored. Later hopefully the Little One will always be liked by the people around him, Ma. Mainly because the attitude and behavior are polite and polite.

The name Priyanka can be combined with names from other Sanskrit languages ​​and has beautiful meanings. One of them is Priyanka Neena Naladhipa.

The meaning of this name is a girl who is favored because she has beautiful eyes and a heart that always shines brightly.

14. Ishana


Ishana or Isyana in Sanskrit has a rich and prosperous meaning. Well, you can also use this name if you want your little one to live prosperity later.

Dian Sastrowardoyo seems to understand this meaning well, so she named her second child Ishana Ariandra Nariratana Sutowo. According to Dian, Ariandra has a meaning like a lion alias dashing and brave.

Besides Dian Sastrowardoyo, the name Isyana is also owned by the beautiful singer Isyana Sarasvati.

15. Gita


In Sanskrit, Gita means good, smart and lucky. Wow, this name is also ideal to give to children, Ma. Hopefully, someday all these meanings can also be owned by the Little One later.

The name Gita is quite widely used by celebrities and figures. One of them is the daughter of music composer Erwin Gutawa, namely Gita Gutawa.

Another combination of Gita that you can also use, for example, Gita Dinda Ashwina. This means kind and dear girls who always shine like stars.

16. Ataya


Ataya is also one of the unique names of Sanskrit language which has good meaning. The meaning of Ataya is a gift, Ma. This name is also suitable given to the baby which is certainly a gift for the life of Mama and Papa.

Celebrities Cynthia Lamusu and Surya Saputra use this name for one of their twins, Ataya Tatjana Aisyah Putri.

Besides that name, the name Ataya can also be combined into Ataya Kanata Arsyakayla. This name means the daughter of grace that is holy, and beautiful as colorful flowers.

17. Sahira


Sahira in Sanskrit means mountain. This means that it is hoped that the child will always be strong and able to withstand all the problems that he faces Ma. Sometimes another name similar to ii is the name Saira which means the name happy in the Islamic religion.

Celebrities who use this name for example actress Sahira Anjani. In addition, Indra Bekti is also known to give this name to his daughter, namely Dafania Sahira Indrabekti.

According to Indra, Dafania has a beautiful meaning and Indrabekti is its name. So the meaning of the princess’s name is Indra Bekti’s beautiful and strong daughter like a mountain.

Another combination from Sahira that you can also use for example Sahira Kaneishia Adsila. This means girls who always have a beautiful life such as gardens and mountains in bloom.

Well, that’s 17 baby girl names in Sanskrit. Which one is Mama and Papa’s choice? 

Mama can also search for baby names in an easier way now because  Lifefeats.com has tools to help you find baby girl names or boy baby names.

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